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Advertising with Cammeo

Imagine having a place to advertise that is visited by more than 6.5 million people every year – wouldn’t that be great. Imagine having a mobile billboard, 24 hours a day that annually makes over 30 million kilometres in the busiest city centers – wouldn’t that be even better! Now imagine the joy when we tell you that are our vehicles can provide this for you and that you can have this right now! This taxi advertising can be yours. all you need to do is send us a text message and we will contact you.



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Do you know that in Zagreb alone our vehicles cover more than 43,000 kilometres a day, which is roughly the same as the circumference of the Earth? Not too bad, right? You will agree that this is a good place for outdoor advertising, so we will be happy to share it with you.



Do you know that we transport more than 6.5 million passengers a year? It would be such a shame not to entertain them with great ads during the ride. Come on, let's do it together!




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